Religious Travel

Come with us on a journey to the lands where the Bible will unfold before your eyes.

Walk, see, feel and touch the roots of your faith. Encounter the divine and sense His presence.

In 1992 Journeys Unlimited affiliated with On Eagles Wings Tours in Jerusalem to offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience to Israel.  We specialize in creating customized tours for churches, synagogues, large organizations, and Christian Universities and Seminaries.  With over 60 years combined experience, we offer first class tours to Israel and the other Bible Lands surrounding it (Jordan, Egypt, Greece & Turkey).  Our clients come from all over the country and continue to refer new groups, based on our high level of service and the great value of our programs. Our tours are tailored to your needs and have no hidden costs.

In addition to tours through the Bible Lands, we have developed itineraries through Europe to experience the Reformation, Christian Heritage Tours, and the Passion Plays. We have also created special tours and cruises for Church Choir and Senior Groups. Journeys Unlimited works extensively with various ministries involved with Missions, both domestic and international. We're ready and able to handle ALL your organization's travel needs.

We service a variety of churches, synagogues, and religious affiliates, both large and small.  For a list of references, please contact us at  We would also be happy to provide a group quote or a detailed itinerary at your request. 

  • Group Tours to Israel

  • Encounter your roots.
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